Sofia Santos (Fedrigoni)
Introduction to Paper
School of Media Arts and Design
Room B301
18:30h – 20:30h

Used for writing, drawing, printing, packaging...paper is an extremely important basis in our development as a species, contributing profoundly to our communication and personal expression. However, how many of us are aware of how it is produced, its particularities and virtuities? What options are available to us, as well as what will be the best role for our project? With this seminar we will be able to answer all these questions!
Module 01

Rita Correia
Marble Paper
School of Media Arts and Design
Room B305

15:00h – 19:00h
Marbled Paper, originally from the East, is a form of coloring and decoration of papers with the emergence of Suminagashi variants in Japan and later Ebru in Turkey.The technique starts from the incompatibility between oil and water. It consists of floating colors on the surface of a gelatinous liquid (aquatypia) and transferring them to another material, such as paper.
Module 01

Vítor Quelhas
History of letter

School of Media Arts and Design
18:00h, Room B301

What are the characteristics of western letters that make them our lyrics?Surrounded by unspoken conventions, the history of writing is closely linked to the culture and technology that shaped it, from the earliest writing systems to the software we use today. The purpose of this module is to present (...)
Module 01

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