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We are an non-profit initiative focused on Typography that aims to a series of workshops, conferences and annual exhibitions. The annual program starts from the base modules understood as Material, Calligraphy, History, Design and Exploration, ending with an Exhibition that will celebrate the work developed by its participants and notable guests. The participation is restricted to only 15 seats, although available to anyone who shares the interest and curiosity about the letter.

For more information, contact us at hello.typeclub@gmail.com or our social media pages: facebook / instagram.

THE CLUB   ︎   

All participants are very important to us. In order to celebrate the participantion of each one, we share all those who have been involved in some way with the club.

Joana Correia (PT), Pedro Amado (PT), Miguel Freitas (PT), Walter Almeida (BR), Álvaro Pedreira (PT),Rute Almeida (PT), Hugo Moura (PT), Vítor Quelhas (PT), Pedro Serapicos (PT), Steven Sarson (ENG), Gilberto Ribeiro (PT), Marta Meleiro (PT), Catarina Soares (BR), Angelo Gonçalves (PT), Ana Mota (PT), Rita Correia (PT), Nuno Queiroz (PT), Brimet Silva (FRN), Tânia Morais (PT), Joel Vilas Boas (PT), Giuliane Sampaio (BR), Ana Isabel Félix (PT), Ana Rita Silva (PT), Jorge Miguel Oliveira (PT), Jorge Silva Araújo (PT), Michal Shani-Bentov (PT), Brígida Guerreiro PT), Sara Westermann (PT).
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