Participation in the Type Club is divided into two registration possibilities: annual (access to all activities) and modules (where you can participate in one or more of the four available modules).

Module 01 - Paper seminar, letter history and marbled paper workshop;
Module 02 - Introduction to calligraphy, hand lettering and visit to the exhibition "Living Press Memories" and workshop of manual composition;
Module 03 - Introduction to fontlab software and design of a display font;
Module 04 - Typographic poster and motion type workshops.

To Apply

Send to the following information:

full name
annual or module 
taxpayer number
address (for billing purposes)
mechanographic number (if ESMAD IPP student)

As soon as we receive your registration, we will send you all the information to proceed with the payment.
Although Type Club is non-profit, there are costs that we have to cover. Here is the values for the 2019/2020 entries:

Annuity - 125 €
*ESMAD IPP students and participants in previous editions have a 15% discount on annual enrollment.

Module 01 / 02 / 04 – 65€ (each)
Module 03 – 90 €
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